Meet me at the finishline

 As a Reading Specialist, I have told my students for years that working on their reading skills is a lot like preparing for a race.  We are able to run if we need to get away from a situation or catch a flying homework paper that blew away in the Oklahoma wind. But to run a race takes training and determination. It takes assessments, the right equipment, and a lot of cheering in support.

So, I am challenging myself to have the same determination I encourage in my students as I tackle the idea of preparing for a race.  My goal is to be ready to run in the OKC Race for the Cure marathon in October and work up to the OKC Memorial Run in April 2009.  I want my students, my colleagues, family and friends to challenge themselves to come along with me.  As I begin this journey, I will go through an assessment process to get the okay from my doctor, purchase the needed equipment of proper shoes and running gear,

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meet with a trainer and get started.  I want you to come along with me.  My challenge to my students is to keep up with me.  As I train to race each day, I challenge each of them to work on their reading skills.  I will provide them with strategies and activities to do throughout June and July.  Summer months can take a toll on our determination, but I believe that with the support of each other, we can cheer each other on, coach each other and give each other the encouragement needed to get up and train each day. 

Will you please join me in encouraging our students?  How about joining me in challenging yoursefl?  I will be your supporter.  Let's do it for the kids.  Please visit this site often and keep up with my process of not only preparing myself, but encouraging our students to keep their reading skills strong through summer and throughout the year. At the beginning of the school year, we will see gains in reading scores,  physical endurence, and better health!  Let's get started!!!

Thank you for your support. 

Shelly Archibald